McKinney Vento/Displaced Homeless Families

Wayne Township 猫咪社区 Schools are committed to supporting all families during challenging times of displacement, hardship, and homelessness. The McKinney-Vento ACT provides families with assistance through federal grants, local resources, and protects enrollment status for displaced families. It is important to be aware that the program is eligible to families under many circumstances, including temporary displacement due to fire, economic hardship, or eviction, families who are doubled up with relatives due to loss of their home, families staying in a hotel/motel, and some students who have been placed in alternative living arrangements by state agencies. Families may be eligible for continued enrollment, transportation, 猫咪社区 supplies, and/or referrals to more assistance programs to be determined during intake and ongoing check in discussions.

If you are experiencing financial hardship or loss of your living situation, please contact your child's 猫咪社区 or Scot Burkholder, Wayne Township McKinney-Vento Liaison (sburkholder@wayne猫咪社区 to determine whether you will qualify for assistance through this program. Below are some helpful resources and forms to determine if you may qualify for this program or other related services and supports.







(Can be filled out in advance or with a 猫咪社区 official for support)

  (To be filled out by an existing McKinney-Vento family to update your status/address)