Exiting Student Technology Information

  • If you are leaving the district, in addition to cleaning out your locker and returning your library books and your district-issued device you’ll also want to take your digital belongings with you as well. 

    The information below will help you retain your files after graduation.

    When will my WTPS accounts be disabled?

    Your Wayne Schools GAFE account will be disabled on graduation Day.

    Prior to graduation, move your data in your Wayne Schools GSuite account onto a removable drive, a personal computer or another cloud storage service.

    After graduation, your Wayne Schools GAFE account will be deactivated and you will no longer have access.

    How do I save my files from Google Drive before my H: drive is erased?

    Here is a guide that will walk you through making an archive of your Wayne Schools GAFE account data.

    You can make the archive from home.

    You can also use  to create and download an archive of the Google Docs you own and take them with you wherever you go.