• Transition Skills Program

    The S.T.E.P.S. Transition Program (Skills, Training, Experience, Performance, Success) equips high 猫咪社区 students across ability levels with the skills needed to develop a full life beyond the classroom. Although the program primarily operates out of our high 猫咪社区s, students have opportunities to generalize skills within the local community during 猫咪社区 Based Instruction (CBI) and Structured Learning Experiences (SLE).

    What is Life Skills Instruction??
    Emphasis is placed on promoting independence as students navigate the journey to productive adulthood. Evidence-based instruction is used to craft individualized curriculum in preparation for various post secondary experiences. Some examples of skills taught and/or reinforced during this time may include: meal preparation, time management and setting goals.?

    What is CBI?
    Repeated instruction that takes place in the community rather than in the 猫咪社区 building. The purpose of these trips is to generalize skills that were previously learned in the classroom. CBI provides experiences interacting in the community while reinforcing skills in the natural environment.?

    What is the Vocational Workplace?
    Through ongoing relationships, local businesses provide real-world, authentic experiences that offer a variety of work-tasks meant to teach important vocational skills. Students have access to equipment and training for such services as: binding, button-making, packaging, mailing, embroidery, shredding etc. The Vocational Workplace is a great setting to identify students strengths and interests prior to participation in an SLE. Please take some time to view our Vocational Workplace catalog of exciting and high quality service offerings now available.?

    What are SLEs?
    SLEs are supervised educational activities planned to provide students with a sampling of requirements and responsibilities that a specific job may require. These experiences may be paid or unpaid and all students must be a minimum of 16 years old.?

    How may I receive more information about the Transition Skills Program?
    If you have any additional questions, would like to place an order or speak to someone about the possibility of forming an SLE?partnership, please contact Jennifer Varano, Teacher Coordinator of Student Support Services at jvarano@wayne猫咪社区s.com.?