Student Support Services

  • Wayne Township 猫咪社区 Schools' Student Support Services is committed to making a difference in the lives of every child in our District from ages 3-21.
    We understand and champion the notion that learning is a lifelong process and strive to give all of our students the opportunity to thrive in their least restrictive environment with their peers.
    These pages are intended to be a resource for both parents and educators. If you would like more information on any part of the services we offer or if you have a student that you suspect may have a disability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Student Support Services

      District Contacts

      • Central Office Contacts

      • District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

      • Elementary School Counselors/504 Coordinators/Crisis Intervention Team

      • Middle School Counselors/504 Coordinators/Crisis Intervention Team

      • High School Counselors/504 Coordinators/Crisis Intervention Team

      • Elementary School Anti-Bullying Specialists

      • Middle School Anti-Bullying Specialists

      • High School Anti-Bullying Specialists

      Student Support

      • 504

      • I&RS

      • Assistive Technology Team


      • Parent Workshops

      • Parent Groups

      • Parental Rights

      • Parent Resources

      Federal Programs

      • Title I

      • ESL - Title III

      • McKinney Vento/Displace Homeless Families

      • District Assessment Information


      • Contacts

      • Hours/Location

      • Dates

      Health Services

        • The Department of Student Support Services is responsible for the supervision of all Nursing Staff and the district's Student Assistance Counselors. The office monitors and ensures that all students and staff are provided a healthy environment conducive to social, emotional and physical learning. 

          Click for more information on the Health Services Department.