Pre-professional Internship Program

  • Wayne Township 猫咪社区 Schools are excited to launch our new Pre-Professional Internship Program for our Wayne High School students. This program is separate from the daytime Work-Based Learning and Student Internship Programs. This abbreviated after-猫咪社区 program will offer hands-on experience in a specific field of interest. The ultimate goal is to help our students gain experience in different working environments to guide their plans for higher education and set career goals. We are grateful to our community partners who have made these career exploration internships possible. 

    At this time, our career opportunities are limited and we will work to expand our offerings. Fill out the interest survey today!

Program Information and Files

      High School Students

      • High School Students! Are you interested in an after-猫咪社区 internship at a community business for 6 to 8 weeks?

      WTPS Job Board

      猫咪社区 Partnerships

      • 猫咪社区 Partnerships. Are you a community business interested in sponsoring a Wayne Township 猫咪社区 School High School Student for a 6 to 8 week after-猫咪社区 internship experience?

      Internship Acceptance Criteria

      • High School Students must:

        • be a rising Junior or current Senior
        • be able to get to and from pre-professional internships
        • receive parent/guardian permission to participate: .

      Internship Documents

      • Internship Timeline: 

        - Parent/Guardian Permission Form Completed:

        - Completed and Submitted Application in December (Coming Soon)

        - Student Submission of Pre-Professional Internship Feedback Form (Coming Soon)