Assistive Technology

  • What is the Assistive Technology Team?

    The Wayne Township 猫咪社区 School district incorporates an innovative approach to Assistive Technology (AT) by having a dedicated district AT Team. This 3-person team consists of committed professionals with many years of experience and backgrounds in Special Education, Speech and Language Development, Alternative & Augmentative Communication, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology.

    The AT Team provides consultations, evaluations, equipment, and services to students with educational challenges and disabilities. The goal is to enable students to be active participants in their educational program. In addition, the AT Team provides training and ongoing support for staff, students, and parents for effective implementation of the recommended Assistive Technology.


  • What is Assistive Technology?

  • Who Can Benefit from AT?

  • How Can AT Help a Student?

  • What is the First Step in Acquiring the Service of the AT Team?

AT Team